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Note: Fantasy Premier League is a game of skill, and much of that skill is thorough research and careful strategy. Players are ordered by the Value Potential Index, a value obtained by using a formula that considers multiple player performance parameters. The value aims to predict the most optimal weekly picks for the smallest price. When combined with the schedule difficulty, it is a powerful tool for smart, strategic Fantasy Premier League transfers. The probabilities are calculated by examining online bookies data for the respective markets and are updated every few minutes.

Gameweek 13, transfer deadline is Friday, November 24, 2017 7:00:00 PM.

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Team Name Schedule Chances to score a goal Chances to score a goal Chances to score a hattrick Chances to assist Chances to assist Chances for clean sheet Chances for clean sheet Chances to get carded Chances to get carded Form Player form in previous month Price in million pounds Selected By % VPI Value potential index View stats
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